Consumer-centric real estate portals have provided homebuyers and sellers unprecedented access to property data. Even though buyers and sellers can manage their experience more than ever before, more people turned to realtors for help.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of buyers used a real estate agent in 2017. That is up significantly from 16 years ago when only 69% did the same. Likewise, 89% of home sellers required the assistance of a real estate agent.

However, this expertise has to evolve with the technology at hand. Now, to provide successful service to their clients, a realtor has to act as a guide more than a gatekeeper.

Modern technology can provide access to incredible amounts of data within seconds, but it still takes an expert to know how best to use that data to the benefit of the client. Realtors can make sense of a world in which data can seem overwhelming and impersonal.At the same time, realtors can offer their clients access totoday’s technology that everyone is using as well as tomorrow’s technology that could give them an edge when buying or selling a home in today’s market.