Vize Virtual Staging

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to selling a home. More than ever before, homebuyers are relying on online photos to help them whittle down their options to view and purchase. If you are a homeowner, real estate agent, or brokerage trying to attract buyers to your property, you need to make it stand out from the rest. One of the most effective and easiest ways to do that is by improving the quality of your property’s photos using virtual staging.

Vize Virtual Staging understands how competitive the housing market is and how important it is to show off your house in the most flattering way possible to prospective homebuyers. We offer virtual staging that can transform any or all rooms in your house to look their very best. We use photo-realistic 3-D assets to enhance your photos. Explore our website to find out how our style team can help you create stunning room layouts that will attract homebuyers to seriously consider your property listing.

What Is Virtual Staging?

Traditionally, selling a home has required a lot of time and money. Home sellers used to have to de-clutter their homes, remove old furniture, and rent more stylish pieces to make their house as appealing as possible. Now, they can skip all of that hassle and virtually stage their home instead. Nowadays most home shopping is initiated online, so the most effective way to sell your house is with amazing photos of each room.

Why Should I Use Virtual Staging?

Without first-rate photos of your home, prospective buyers will likely skip right over your listing. Today’s housing market and mobile technology means it is easier than ever for home buyers to look at hundreds of homes in the time it used to take to physically walk through just one showing. The best solution to getting an edge on the market as a home seller or as a real estate agency is with virtual staging. By utilizing this innovative technology, you will be able to do the following:

Save yourself both time and money

Make viewers pause and linger over your home with stunning photographs of each room. You won’t have to worry about shoppers skipping right over your listing if the photos of your rooms are done with Vize virtual staging to show them off in the most flattering style possible.

Save yourself time and money

Physically staging a home costs a lot of time and money. Storing your old furniture, renting new stylish furniture, and hiring a designer to make it all come together can be incredibly expensive. Physically staging a home can easily cost thousands of dollars, but with virtual staging, you can get the same effect for just a few hundred dollars. For virtual staging, you simply need to take standard photos of each

Increase the value of your home

When you virtually stage the rooms in your home, you can increase the asking price because you are highlighting the possibilities in each room and essentially showing homebuyers just how much potential your home offers.

How Effective Is Virtual Staging?

Approximately 92% of homes that buyers visit are first found online. This statistic emphasizes just how important online photos are of your home. Real estate agents agree and say that homes that are virtually staged tend to sell 67% faster than those that are not. The benefits of virtual staging even extend to the price you can ask. In general, home sellers who virtually stage their home end up selling for 20% more than the original price.

About 77% of real estate agents agree that virtual staging greatly helps homebuyers visualize a home’s potential. The more appealing your home looks, the more viewers you will attract, and the more viewers you attract, the more prospective buyers you will have.

The longer your home stays on the market, the less you will be able to get for it. What used to constitute “long on the market” has changed dramatically in recent years, and now a home gets stale in a matter of weeks. Those who use virtual staging find that their home goes off the market 67% faster than the average home seller.

Why Choose Vize Virtual Staging

Vize Virtual Staging offers the highest quality 3-D virtual staging services. We work with both homeowners and real estate agencies to help them improve their property photos.

When you choose virtual staging, you can improve your home’s appearance, attract more buyers, and get it sold faster, all for less upfront money than traditional staging. Be amazed at the difference in your property’s photos when you let Vize Virtual Staging help you transform them into professional, attractive photos that will stand out in the sea of property listings available online. Don’t wait to get started. Contact us today and find out the amazing difference virtual staging makes in selling a home.